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Oct 02nd

Personalized workouts are focus of trainers

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One is tall and lean, the other short and stout, but the two women share a love of the gym and the clients they train.

Dustin Divelbiss became a personal trainer out of a growing love for fitness and clean eating, while Katie Cappello knew in the sixth grade she wanted a career in the gym.

"I joined the gym when I was a freshman in high school. I didn't have a job, but my mom said I had to pay for my membership," Cappello said. "I asked everybody I could for a dollar and wound up with like 75. I hustled and got the money. That's how bad I wanted it."

Now she's the manager of Anytime Fitness in Minden and has as many as 13 clients daily.

Divelbiss was inspired to get fit herself after a few sessions with a chiropractor. That passion led to her getting certified to train others and provided income while she was an aspiring actress in Los Angeles.

"It's very tough and not what I thought it was going to be," Divelbiss said.

She now trains others at All Hours Fitness in Minden and runs a boot camp for more than 60 women three days a week at Kingdom Fun.

"It's about women empowerment," Divelbiss said. "I like the unity and it's like a big family. They really support each other."

Both trainers have clients ranging in ages from 7 to 88 years old and men and women of all sizes with different goals.

"I love the stories older people tell," Cappello said. "And with everyone, it's about personalities — you're not just a trainer, you're a therapist, an inspiration, a motivator."

As trainers, both help their clients reach their fitness goals, but the two women couldn't be more different in their own ambitions.

While Cappello works toward bulk muscle, Divelbiss is training for her first competition.

"I want people to look at me and say, 'I don't want to mess with her,'" Cappello said. "Anyone can get cut, but it's a challenge to get big. It's a lot harder to eat seven meals a day than it is to diet."

Divelbiss will be competing in Shreveport in May and in Jackson, Miss., two weeks after that. The competition focuses on lean muscle rather than bulk.

"I already eat clean, though I get a cheat meal about every two weeks," she said. "But this is a whole new level."






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