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Oct 01st

Webster tourism boasting local movie spots

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About 30 movies have been filmed around northwest Louisiana, and Minden has joined Shreveport and Bossier City in a special brochure promoting such.

A new brochure serving as a self-guided film tour is being distributed to 69 official visitors' centers around the state as well as overseas.

"People in other parts of the world are fascinated with American movies," Lynn Dorsey of Webster Parish tourism said of recent travels to Dubai, the United Kingdom and Germany. "Everywhere I go, people are familiar with George Clooney, Brad Pitt."

The brochure came in about two weeks ago, in just enough time for Dorsey and Minden Main Street manager Pattie Odom to tout Minden's movie sites to elected county officials from across the country during the National Association of Counties convention in New Orleans earlier this month.

"I don't see the brochure as the end but as the beginning of the story," Dorsey said. "I think people from Minden are blown away when they see how many movies were filmed in Minden and at

Camp Minden and people from outside of Minden are just as surprised."

The brochure includes brief plot summaries of 30 films and TV shows filmed around north Louisiana and a map showing locations of each.

The brochure will be part of motor coach tours of various groups, one of which is schedule for national travel writers based in New Orleans in January.

"One goal is to get those motor coaches, and with Shreveport, Monroe and Alexandria, this is something anytime of the year we can package," Dorsey said. "Combined with the Robertsons (of

A&E's popular "Duck Dynasty") and we've got quite a package."






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