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Sep 30th

Woman accused of stealing $120k from employer

Danna Lowe cid  temp 0116SPRINGHILL — A trusted employee proved not to be so trustworthy and a Springhill company is roughly $120,000 in the hole and behind in its payroll taxes as a result.

Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton said Danna Lowe, a 41-year-old resident of the 400 block of 6th Street in Springhill, was arrested Wednesday after investigators discovered she apparently used her bookkeeping position to help herself to company funds.

"Over the course of about a year, she had been writing company checks to herself and entering them into the records as payment for other purposes," Sexton said. "She also had been using the company credit card on the account to make large purchases of personal items for herself."

Sexton said the purchases included clothing and specialty items. "She seemed to really like Harley Davidson things," he said.

Sexton said the theft of funds increased when the company owner became ill and entrusted Lowe to help run the business.

"That's when she apparently kicked it into high gear," the sheriff said.

While taking money from the company account, the suspect apparently allowed other important bills to go unpaid, Sexton said.

"She was not keeping up with the taxes and fees," Sexton said. "It looks like the company owes around $100,000 in back taxes and fees."

The sheriff said the company noticed something was amiss when the owner returned to work and began receiving billing inquiries. During the course of the brief investigation, officers discovered some critical company records were missing, Sexton said.

Sexton said his investigators joined forces with the Springhill Police Department to close the case. The two agencies arrested Lowe at her residence without incident. The sheriff said Lowe has been charged with felony theft by fraud and was booked into Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.






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