Minden Press-Herald

Sep 17th

Mylar balloon caused afternoon power outage in Minden

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Rite Aid employee Lynn Evans was driving down Homer Road on her way back to work after lunch Wednesday when she saw a mylar balloon as it sailed across Homer Road and into a main electrical line, taking out power to almost the entire city.

“There was this huge fireball and then BOOM!” Evans said. “And the red light went out … just that fast, the lights went out.”

What remained of the offending balloon that took the lights out all over Minden blew across the intersection at Fort Street and into the Rite Aid parking lot where Evans retrieved it.

“Everybody at work laughed at me,” she said.

Press-Herald classified ad rep Jamin Ingle was sitting at the intersection at around 12:30 when she felt something hit the roof of her car.


"It sound like something hit the roof of my car and there was an electrical surge," Ingle said. "I looked to my left and there was a balloon floating down. I think it was in the shape of a star."


Only a few residences remained without power at around 3 p.m.

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