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Sep 30th

Jury to install bike signs

sharesignDr. Erin Soleto has had some "very harrowing" experiences while riding her bike along Webster Parish roads in the past five years.

"We try to ride early, but there's still a danger there," Soleto said. "A lot of people on the road don't understand there's a human being on that bicycle, and they get very close."

Drivers along Dorcheat and Germantown Roads will soon be reminded to share the road as the Webster police jury approved Tuesday the placement of bicycle signs.

Soleto's group consists of as many as 12 cyclists depending on the day.

"We're hoping to get something out to let people know to give us a little room," Soleto said. "We don't get in the middle and take up the whole road. I wish they could be in our position and see what that feels like to have someone come up behind you at 50 miles per hour, honking the horn. In a car, it's a different perspective."

The signs will be paid for by the group and installed by parish public works. The number and locations of signs are yet to be determined.

Some jurors were concerned that the jury may assume liability by installing the signs, but parish attorney Patrick Jackson said bicycles have more rights to the road than motor vehicles.

"The biggest problem with people who drive cars is they think they have a greater right (than those on bicycles), when in fact the law is just the opposite," he said. "It's the car driver's responsibility (to look for cyclists)."

Cyclists were also hoping to have signs put up on Louisiana Highway 159, but because it's a state highway, the local delegation has no authority.






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