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Sep 24th

Disney on Ice rocks CenturyLink Center

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I have now seen a candlestick, crab and octopus on ice skates. My life is complete.

I went to the opening of Disney on Ice: Rockin' Ever After last night and I can't say I was exactly excited to go. I mean, I like Disney, but I hadn't seen "Tangled" or "Brave", two of the movies featured in the show. I don't have kids, so the idea of being in an arena with a bunch of kids spilling drinks and crying certainly didn't sound like anything I would enjoy.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

I've seen "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway in New York City, and I was more entertained by Disney on Ice.

It. Was. Amazing. Disney meets theater meets ice skating meets pyrotechnics meets circa de soilel meets dance.

It really is a show for everyone, with or without kids. I was so enthralled by the performance that I didn't notice runoff from my nephew's melting snow cone trickling under my feet.
I was most impressed by "The Little Mermaid" portion of the show. With more than 20 performers on the ice dressed as angelfish, stingrays, dolphins, starfish and seahorses, the blacklight combined with the blue of the ice made me feel like I was really "Under the Sea." Three of the skaters lifted Ariel to appear as though she was actually swimming.
And I certainly didn't expect the opening of the segment where the sisters performed to Madonna's "Vogue" and the Go-Gos "We Got the Beat."

Though I haven't seen "Tangled" or "Brave", I still understood the storylines in the show, which my sister explained were just condensed versions of the movies.

Look for Maximus the horse on ice skates in "Tangled." Yes, a horse on ice skates - that alone is worth seeing the show. Merida of "Brave" outshot all the men, her arrow splitting the target in two in a shower of sparks.

"Beauty and the Beast" closed the show, and it was real fire burning from the torches of the towns people and Gaston as they set out to kill the beast. The "Be Our Guest" production - another thing to complete my life as I have now seen silverware, napkins and a teapot in a kickline on ice.

My sister said it was just like Disney World had come to us. My nephew, who is 5, said it was "fun" then went on to ask how did the characters get to the show from Florida.

If you've got kids, don't have kids, have ever watched even five minutes of ice skating on TV, even if you only know who Mickey Mouse is — you will appreciate this show. The technique of the skaters, the intricate details of the costumes, the choreography, you just have to see it. I should have know to expect no less than perfection from Disney.






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