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Sep 30th

Downtown cafe cooks are ‘timeless’

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Bea Taylor has been cooking up soul food in Minden for about 30 years. From the "shell plant" to Exacta Inn, she knows how to run a kitchen, and now she's doing it in downtown Minden at Timeless Cafe.

"I cook at home the same way I cook here," Taylor said. "I don't have to taste it. I just know. When I start cooking, by the time I get done, it's enough for a restaurant."
And no wonder with four kids, 15 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Taylor, along with her daughter Wanda, and Shan White, cook up everything from casseroles and paninis to lasagna and beef tips that stick to the ribs.

"We don't have the every day you can get anywhere - it's not pizza or a hamburger," Timeless manager Kathy Ray, former owner of Buena Comida, said. "We're special. It's a unique experience, and I feel the public will be surprised when they give it a try."

From the fresh flowers on the table to the antique booths at the front, Timeless Cafe offers a cozy, quiet lunch location - or healthier alternatives to-go. A tea room is also available for Bunco or bridge.

"It's a more serene atmosphere," Ray said. "It's not hurried, it's not a run through the drive through. You can relax and have a good conversation."

Timeless also employs five Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries clients, including two busboys and three servers.

"This has been an eye-opening experience for me," Ray said. "It's a wonderful opportunity for them to learn a skill and build their self esteem."






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