Minden Press-Herald

Oct 02nd

Tax mil renewed

Members of the Minden City Council voted unanimously Monday to renew an existing tax millage that gives a boost to the city's general budget.

"Every year we have to set the tax millage," said Minden Mayor Bill Robertson, who is already in budget meetings with department heads for the upcoming fiscal year. "Our mils – 5.83 mils – is pretty low. We're probably in the lowest 90 percent of municipalities in the state."

The City of Minden operates on a budget of around $30 million. Robertson said the millage adds about $400,000 to the city's coffers.

According to Louisiana Public Square (lpb.org), one mil equals one thousandths (.001) of a dollar. The average millage among Louisiana's 64 parishes is 101 mils. However, the state does not collect nor does it levy a property tax.

"Municipalities and parishes collect property taxes," the site said. "Millage taxes are based on budget requirements set by local governments and are voted on by the taxpayers in the local communities."

Other business

In addition, council members also approved the following items:

A zoning change request from John W. and Carolyn Montgomery to change 209 Pine Street from B-2 (commercial service) to R-2 (single family residential) in order to convert the property to residential use;

A zoning variance request by Freeman Morris, Jr. to place a mobile on property to be used as a residence by a family member;

Condemned property at 203 Cox Lane, owned by Johnnie Isaac;

A bid on surplus property located on Abney Street which was awarded to low bidder Randall Wilson, providing all expectations are met;

A bid for sale of surplus transformers was not awarded due to lack of bids; and,

The monthly police report.






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