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Sep 23rd

Dupree’s book sees special way of life eroding

My career as a writer had its genesis way back in 1972 when Uncle Zeke from Beaver Creek was born on the pages of Homer's Guardian Journal. I'd like to say I was the first in my family to see my articles published. I'd like to, but I can't; my little sister, Linda Dupree, beat me to it. As a teen, she had her Just Ramblin' column appearing weekly in the Winn Parish Enterprise a couple of years before Uncle Zeke made his appearance.

The next writer in the family to have work published is Linda's 33 year old son, Ben. Westbow Press agreed to take the stories Ben has written over the past 15 years or so and compile them into a book that has an interesting but somber twist to it. The rural lifestyle under which he grew up is slowly going the way of the Edsel; things are not as they used to be and the book, "A Dying Way of Life" covers some of those treasured moments that are slipping away.

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