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Sep 30th

Chamber TRC holds kick off party

4-16 TRCwebDarth Vader leaned away from the Dark Side as he encouraged Minden-South Webster Chamber of Commerce members to "Reach for the Stars" as the second annual Total Resource Campaign kicked off Tuesday evening at the City of Minden electric generating station.

Volunteers on TRC teams will be soliciting sponsorships for the chamber during the four-week campaign, which aims to bring awareness of the chamber's activities and purpose to the community.

"It's a good way to get us in the community and bridge the gap between government and citizens," Vader, who, when uncostumed was TRC Chairman Joe Adams said.
The four teams, including Han Solo (Terry Gardner), Jerri's Jedis, the Money Making Crew and Eagle 5, set a collective goal of $75,001.

Adams said the location of the kick off party represented "what's paved our community to success" as city taxpayers constructed the facility and made improvements to others by passing a tax more than 50 years ago.

"These people were thinking progressively and civically before our time," Adams said. "We want to ensure our community remains prosperous and successful.."

The campaign is not just about sponsorships. Chamber President Jerri de Pingre' said teams will also solicit vendors for events starting in May through March of 2015. TRC has attempted to make opportunities for support at every budget level.

Thus far, the 310 chamber members have pledged $24,000 with three weeks remaining in the campaign.

For more information on TRC and other chamber events, call 318-377-4240.






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