Minden Press-Herald

Sep 16th

Sometimes a ‘heavy dose of silence’ works

It's daybreak; a barred owl hoots and an old gobbler sounds off from the limb where he roosted last night. It's time to start playing the "come hither" game with him.

I'll sneak toward him as close as I dare, 100 yards or so, quietly place a decoy 25 yards in front of the position I'll take as I ease down to sit against a tree.
He'll gobble again and I'll take my calls from my turkey vest and lay them next to me, my box call, slate and the diaphragm call I'll slip in my mouth.

The next time he gobbles, he'll hear the slightest little "yelp..yelp..yelp" from my slate. Then I'll be quiet to see what he does next. If he responds, I'll wait several minutes before repeating my "wake up" yelp. In the gathering light, I know he's preparing to fly down so I take my cap and fan it against my leg to imitate the hen flying from her roost and add a fly-down "cackle" to add realism. The next move is up to the gobbler.

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