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Oct 02nd

Glenbrook Apaches prevail over River Oaks, 6-3

The Apache netters traveled to Monroe for a district dual match with River Oaks earlier this week.

There are nine divisions of play in the regulated scoring of a match - two girls' singles, two girls' doubles, two boys' singles, two boys' doubles, and one mixed doubles. Each win earns one point; therefore, the winner of each match must earn at least five points.

Coach Wayne Orr said, "We must forfeit both boys' singles and one boys' doubles each match. Of the six matches played against River Oaks, we won four and lost two.

However, our girls' doubles teams played twice, and we played a singles match involving beginners. Of those three matches, we won two. Of the matches played, the Apaches prevailed 6-3. In recent years, our district matches have been good indicators of who will represent our district in the North Tournament."

Girls' Singles - Amelia Christy defeated Jennifer Henry 6-0, 6-0; Catherine Willis continued the one-two punch with a convncing 6-0, 6-1 defeat of Caroline Williams.

"These girls were determined, focused, and dominant. Amelia pushed her opponent to the baseline with a penetrating serve and used a punishing cross-court forehand to end points. Catherine took advantage of her opponent's unforced errors dominated with ground strokes and timely lobs. They controlled each match. I was extremely proud of them," added Orr.

Mixed Doubles - The second-year team of Lexie Martin and Graham Lemoine continued their winning ways with a 7-6, 6-0 defeat of Abby Hicks and Will Harrop.
"The first set was the knockout punch for either team. We controlled the match until unforced errors crept into play, forcing a tie-break. We allowed our nerves to restrict the place and the variety of strokes. However, we managed to earn the first set. We opened the second set by breaking serve; that was all we needed to calm down and return to form, winning 6-0. I witnessed grit and determination that had not been present in earlier matches," commented Orr.

Girls' Doubles - Eleanor Gilbert and Madison Lemoine, playing No. 1, were defeated by leah Spence and Kara Bryan 6-2, 6-3.

"We were on the defensive for much of the match, and we simply could not seem to string together consecutive winning shots. The key to our winning the girls' district title lies with them. We have the ability; we must focus and be determined." In No. 2 doubles, the team of Bridget Cone and Abigail Gilbert defeated Laurel Spence and Reagan Schuab 5-7, 6-2, 1-0(10-5). "Winning that first set allowed us to relax and to be more offensive-minded; lobs and nets earned points by forcing errors. Oh, what a pivotal win!"

Boys' Doubles - Johnny Law Flournoy and John Curtis Brown were defeated by Jack Alexander and Tray Sartor 6-2, 6-1.
"Small in stature but big at heart are these two young boys. They love to play and to compete; they are gaining much-valued experience. lobs that were only to the forecourt and several ground strokes to the net opponent were our downfall. They are competitive," Orr said.

Other Matches - Eleanor and Madison defeated Claire Tannehill and Grace Anne Moore 8-0 in a pro-set. Bridget and Abigail defeated Madeline Rogers and Kristen Bondad 6-2. Justin Lee was defeated by Madeline Rogers 8-3 in a pro-set. "This was a match between two formidable district opponents. I am extremely pleased with our play; we're proud of the results. Riverfield awaits later in the schedule, a closely-contested match."






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