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Oct 01st

Council puts brakes on speeding cam

DSC 0015Minden Mayor Tommy Davis and Chief of Police Steve Cropper have put the brakes on an ordinance that would implement use of a new camera device designed to slow speeders.

"We received the contract by email from a company called Blue Line that makes this camera, and once we looked over it, we had issues with it," Cropper said. "I think it's something we can work out."

The device, similar to a radar gun would allow officers to take a picture of the speeder's vehicle.

"These are not redlight cameras," Davis said. "They are handheld cameras that won't necessarily replace radars. This will take a picture of a speeder's license plate and shows their speed. Then they are mailed a ticket."

The department would­­­ have one camera at first, and use of the new electronic equipment will not require a purchase, Davis said.

"The company that manufactures it will furnish the camera for us, and they will get part of the revenue," he said.

Length of lease was part of the problem with the contract, Cropper said.

"He (owner) wanted us to sign for five years," Cropper said.

Cropper said he likes the camera because a former law enforcement officer invented it and a law enforcement officer will be operating it.

"They have one that sits on a pole on a trailer, but I am 100 percent against that," Cropper said. "I like that officer presence."

Cropper agreed the device is similar to a hand-held radar gun.

"The vehicle is actually being monitored by laser," he said. "If an officer is sitting on the side of a road and catches someone speeding, the officer has to accelerate to catch up with that vehicle."

The new camera would be a safety feature as well as a time saver.

"An officer can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes on a traffic stop," Cropper said. "He does not have to chase the speeder at all with this device. He has that option – especially a speeder in a school zone – but this way, he never has to pursue the vehicle."

Once the photographed license plate and the speed are verified, the citation would be mailed.

Once an agreement is reached, the ordinance will come back before the Minden City Council. It would reflect the penalty for speeding and enforcement procedures.






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