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Oct 02nd

Parents, grandparents camp out to secure spots on Glenbrook’s roll

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Just like groupies waiting for concert tickets, parents and grandparents lined the drive leading into Glenbrook School Monday night in an effort to ensure their children would get one of the few openings in their grade when school starts in the fall.

Lauren Carroway made sure she was first in line around 5:30 p.m., after learning there were only two openings for second graders.

"The way we understood it is, it's first come," Carroway said. "If there are two spots for your grade and we're the first ones, our daughter will get one of those spots."
Kim Martin was prepared to wait all night, so her grandson would get one of 10 kindergarten openings.

"I have my iPad and DVD player, so my daughter and I are just going to camp out," Martin said. "You know, the things we do for love ... for our children and grandchildren. But you know what, if it's meant to be, it'll be."

Lindsey Collins, who normally works nights as an emergency room nurse, said staying up all night wouldn't be difficult, especially if it means her daughter Izzy will get one of those coveted kindergarten slots.

"I just heard today about the openings, so I dropped everything and left the kids with my husband," she said. "At first, we weren't coming until midnight, but then I got a call at 6:30 saying there were already cars here, so I said 'we gotta go.'"

Collins was with a group of moms whose children currently attend Lagniappe Montessory.

"I want Izzy to get into Glenbrook because of the test scores," Collins said. "She's smart and Lagniappe has really pushed her. I just want to keep pushing her. She does well, and I want to see how well she can do."






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