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Oct 02nd

$1,000 contribution gives financial boost to Scottish Tartan Festival

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What do you do when a mystery woman delivers an envelope stuffed with $1,000 to your place of business, leaves it on a counter and walks out the door without saying a word? If you're Dr. Alan Cameron, you keep a promise.

"I said last week that if somebody else gave me a thousand dollars, I'd give a dollar," Cameron told members of the Minden Lions Club as he made the deposit in the club's plastic privy, a unique collection device usually reserved for Lions who have accomplished something less than noteworthy.

"When I gave the dollar, I asked the members present if they remembered what I had said the week before and not a person in the room said a word," Cameron said.
Cameron was referring to donations to the Scottish Society Tartan Festival, an annual event he has been supporting for years. This year's event, scheduled for April 5 at Cameron's farm east of Minden, had been scrambling for money since the festival's grant request from the Webster Parish Convention and Visitors Commission was first denied, then later approved.

Apparently, someone whose identity may never be known had heard the festival might be facing a cash crunch.

"My wife and I were in the back of the clinic when a woman came in who said she had seen a second woman come in, leave an envelope on the counter and walk out," Cameron said. "We opened it up and $1,000, all in 20s, was bound up inside. All that was written on the envelope was 'Tartan Festival.'"

Cameron said he has no idea who the woman may be, but he did call the only person he knew who may have left such a gift. He struck out.

"The Scottish Society and I appreciate the donation and if she wants to let us know who she is, that's fine. If she doesn't, that's fine too," he said.

Now, Cameron said, thanks to the anonymous lady, Cultural Crossroads (a $2,000 donation), Claiborne Electric (funds for a new stage) and others who have responded, "...we have plenty of funding to put on the festival."






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