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Oct 01st

Board member opposes agenda additions

frankie mitchellOne school board member blocked several construction projects and the hiring of a school nurse Monday night after she objected to addressing items on the agenda addendum.

District 9 member Frankie Mitchell provided no explanation when she opposed taking action on eight items that were not submitted before printing of the regular agenda.

Attempts to speak with Mitchell after the meeting and via phone this morning were unsuccessful.

A unanimous vote is needed to consider addendum items.

Other board members seemed baffled by Mitchell's action.

"I was under the impression we were going to conduct business..." District 11 member Jerry Lott said. "I guess I was mistaken."

After Mitchell's objection, Director of Business and Finance Crevonne Odom said, "I need financial items to be looked at," adding that not addressing the four construction-related items would cost the board more money in the long run.

Mitchell also objected to taking the personnel changes addendum into the regular agenda, halting the hiring of a school nurse.

Three nurses serve 15 schools itinerantly, rotating through different areas of the parish.

"We have students that are not being served," Charlotte Dean, middle school supervisor, said.
District 2 Malachi Ridgel has served on the board 12 years and could not remember a time when addendum items were not addressed at the meeting they were introduced due to a single board member's actions.

The board is required by law to publish meetings 24 hours in advance. With no objection from Mitchell - or any other member - the board voted to call a special meeting at 5:30 p.m., Thursday.

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