Minden Press-Herald

Sep 18th

Most people call him Captain Sammie

When I think back on places and people that occupy a special niche in my memory, one guy and the area he calls home pops up on my mental screen....southwest Louisiana and Sammie Faulk. I can close my eyes and see a gentle fellow, deeply tanned, thin wisps of gray hair, eyes that always seem to have a twinkle even when he's bone-tired. Most know him as Capt'n Sammie.

IMAGE – I was with the Capt'n one afternoon on a meandering bayou somewhere down there as I watched him skewer stinky, smelly beef melt onto a hook suspended a couple feet above the water. He had alligator tags and the next morning, I watched him put half a dozen gators in the boat. This was long before Swamp People television came along and for the life of me, I don't recall him having to struggle to get a gator alongside the boat and for sure, I never heard him tell me to "CHOOT 'EM!"

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