Minden Press-Herald

Sep 17th

A love letter to Minden

Juanita Agan-1There are four of us who live in our home – my son, me and our two 14-year-old cats. Two of these are paranoid about storms. That would be me and my "Sissy" cat. (The other cat, P.K, is a moron who sleeps 22 hours out of 24, and eats the rest of the time.) When the barometric pressure changes Sissy becomes restless and agitated long before the TV sends out storm warnings. Sure enough there will soon be a bad weather forecast. I am not that attuned to the pressure, but when the sky darkens and there is an alert on the television, I become apprehensive. My son is the stabilizing influence as he tries to calm us down, and take care of our fears.

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