Minden Press-Herald

Sep 18th

American Exceptionalism Dead?

During the past five years, we've experienced frustration and disappointment with the way our country is headed. It was not just the usual anti-America practices from organizations like the KKK, the ACLU, the atheists, the socialists, the Muslims and similar groups that been around for much too long, but worrisome trends like lying, lack of justice, out-of-control spending, disregard for personal liberties and things that are just plain wrong.

For example; before all his health insurance nonsense came up, we knew that approximately 12 million Americans were without health-care coverage. But, in order to ram through Obamacare, the libs boldly stated that there were 30 million without health care insurance. As recently as last week, President Obama said on national TV that there were "over 41 million" without the healthcare that his plan would help. It seems that the figure increases in direct proportion to the failure of Obamacare. When will the lying end?

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