Minden Press-Herald

Sep 22nd

Crispy snacks almost cost Walker a big buck

When you get on your stand before daylight without breakfast, you get hungry in an hour or so, especially if you're a 7 year old boy. Thirty eight year old Ryon Walker who lives in Homer found himself in exactly that situation Saturday November 30 while hunting with his son, Caleb, on a 100 acre pine forest plot in Claiborne Parish.

"Caleb got hungry and I put him off as long as I could because all I had was Wheat Thins and to reach for and handle these crispy snacks would likely create noise that could spook any deer in the area. I finally gave in to Caleb's protests and as I reached for the Wheat Thins in my pack, I saw something in the brush near the feeder that didn't look right. It was a deer looking directly at us," Walker said.

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