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Sep 30th

Police Jury drops Bistineau noise rule

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The Webster Parish Police Jury will not pass a noise ordinance on the Lake Bistineau lakebed as requested by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

"I do think there is a problem there that needs to be attended to," said WPPJ President Jim Bonsall.

However, the WPPJ discussed during their Road Committee meeting that they don't feel they should enact such an ordinance.

"I am not going to support any kind of ordinance that restricts people from what they do, with the exception of the burn ban," said juror Charles Walker. "I just don't think we should get involved."

"Let's go to something that we can control," said juror Charles Odom.

The Webster Parish Sheriff's Office doesn't feel that this is the end of complaints about the noise but still hopes something will change in the future.

"I can see their point on it, but to get a disturbing the peace charge or noise ordinance charge, you have to get a decimeter to determine how long the noise is," said Sheriff Gary Sexton. "I think it would strictly be up to the judges to determine and the district attorney on prosecution for disturbing the peace charges.

Everyone felt at the time that the best thing to do is to have an ordinance passed saying no four-wheelers on the lake bed after a certain time, and it gives law enforcement the ­­­ability to go down there, pursuing some charges, stopping the riff raff and actually being able to get a prosecution on it."

Sexton went on to say that if at this particular time the jury decides not to pass or institute an ordinance on the noise level, then he can see where they are back in the same boat as before, which is the trespassing charge because it is state property, or disturbing the peace charge. For that they will need a decimeter set up.

"Since the lake is back full again, I don't think this will be a problem. If we go back to draining the lake down, and if they do what the lake commission is planning on doing or I think what they are looking at doing, drawing down and keeping it drawn down for several years will open up this can of worms all over again," Sexton said.

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