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Sep 30th

Wife bags buck while husband hunts out of state

Delores Sampey, registered nurse who works at Specialty Hospital in Winnfield, is part of a hunting family. Her husband, her son, daughter and son-in-law all hunt. In fact, her husband, Dwaine, was on a hunting trip in Kansas, son Nicholas was on a deer stand in Illinois and while they were a thousand miles or so away looking for trophy bucks, Delores slipped out to her stand within three miles of their Goldonna home Saturday afternoon November 2 and brought down a big 8 point buck.

"This was a buck we knew about because not only did we have his image on a trail camera recently, my son Nicholas was bow hunting and actually shot at and missed him Thursday, October 31, the afternoon before he headed to Illinois to hunt," Sampey said.

The Sampeys hunt on family land located just outside Goldonna in Natchitoches Parish and Delores decided to head out Saturday afternoon and sit in her stand overlooking a food plot.
"I had a pile of rice bran out on one of my shooting lanes and my husband had planted me a food plot on another lane and we also had corn out on this lane," she said.

Delores crawled aboard her golf cart for the drive back to the woods and was disappointed to learn the cart was broken down.

"I thought about just forgetting the hunt today but I really wanted to go. My son's 4-wheeler was there so I put all my gear aboard and drove it to the woods where we hunt," she recalled.

Crawling into her stand, she didn't have to wait long before she spotted some activity. Two does and yearlings stepped out and began feeding on the rice bran. She looked toward the other lane and noticed a raccoon munching the corn. Suddenly, the raccoon stood on its hind legs and began looking out toward the woods.

"I felt like maybe it saw something coming so I laid my rifle in the window and got ready. A little six point buck walked onto the food plot. A minute later, two other deer entered the food plot at about 100 yards and one of them was the one we had on our trail camera, the big 8 point," Sampey said.

Instead of turning broadside for a more desirable shot, the buck began walking straight away from her. In view of the fact that the hour was getting late and the buck seemed to have no plans to stop, she took aim with her camo-pink 7 mm mag and squeezed the trigger on the only shot she had; the rear end.

"I waited a few minutes before climbing down, walked to the spot where he was standing when I shot and found nothing. Then I watched an 8 point buck dash across the shooting lane and I assumed that was the buck I'd shot at and missed," she continued.

However, she began hearing rustling noises in the direction the buck she'd taken a shot at had run but because it was late and she was alone, she decided to wait until morning and get some help to track the deer.

The buck, an 8 point was evenly matched on both sides, had a 17 inch inside spread, main beams were each over 20 inches with bases exceeding 4 inches. Rough scored, the buck is in the 140 inch range.

"The words of a commercial I'd seen on television came to mind when I thought about what happened," Sampey said. "My version of it goes..."husband hunting in Kansas; son hunting in Illinois; I ride out to my stand three miles from home while they're gone and kill a big 8 point buck....priceless."

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