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Sep 17th

The Stafford Scandal

Probably no one has ever heard of the Stafford Scandal. No, it doesn't have anything to do with Jo Stafford, the Pop vocalist of the 40's and 50's (Blue Moon, You Belong To Me, Autumn In New York). That was when music had melody and we could understand the words. The only reason I bring her name up is to help us remember this situation.

President Obama definitely doesn't want you to know about the Stafford disaster because it shows us what can happen under Socialized Medicine (SM). Our shameless and worthless media carefully and maliciously hid the whole episode as though it never happened. It is the history of a hospital in England whose patients were deprived of food and water, where dressings were seldom changed, where human wastes were not cleaned up, where patients either received the wrong medication, or, worse yet, none at all, and elderly patients were ignored as they screamed for help.

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