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Oct 01st

Retain and Support Our Military

Dear Editor:

Soon it will be our American celebration for and of our military veterans. Our American first line of defense of our God given freedom.
Our God given freedoms are rapidly ending daily by politics.

These political changes (erodings) are not for a better America. While we want this day to celebrate our American military veterans and those serving today, our military is being disintegrated by politics. Most of our politicians have never served their country in a military uniform, they have no idea of what it means to serve in peace time, and more so in combat.

One of the gross mistakes being made today is politicians listening to the complaints of the very few. Like right now a complaint of our U.S. Air Force Academy. The complaint is a few want to remove God from their pledge.

If we want, and we America do want a strong standing military, we need to remain one nation under God and retain and support our military leaders that are God fearing, our generals and admirals. These men, leaders, should only be the ones to make the rules, regulations, concerning our military, not the politicians.

Another late breaking news item with the Marine Corps is the possible change in their head gear, their hat, cap. This suggested possible change certainly has not come from the Marine Corps. They are a traditional uniform. They haven't changed, and I am sure they have not requested this change. Our military has always been respected around the world. Most Americans still want and honor our military, and our veterans that have served their country in its uniform.

This celebration is shown strongly each November 11th in their honor. Our military is being mistreated in so many different ways these days. So much so there soon will be less and less volunteers I cannot blame them.

When a soldier is (KIA) Killed in Action, the politicians fail to understand the soldier has not only paid the full price, by giving his life, but has also paid in dollars for his life insurance for his loved one or loved ones. This payment should never, never be held up for any reasons.

I have all the honor, respect, for our military veterans and for those serving.

My hope, my prayer is to keep politics out of our military. This is our only way to have a strong, viable military.

In all of my 26 years of Army service, we were issued New Testament Half of our Bible. Some want God out of our military and our country.

I am not one of these. I want God to Bless our America!

Sincerely, Jack L. Daniels.






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