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Sep 30th


Beautiful red and gold leaves lazily drifting down, cool morning breeze, blue sky! What's not to like about Fall? (well, maybe raking up those beautiful red and gold leaves from the yard in a few weeks!) But even yard work can be a time of reflection on God's wonderful world; a time to remember the joys of childhood and the smell of burning leaves.

Growing up in a rural area of Arkansas, we were happy to rake leaves because we could have a bonfire and sometimes roasted marshmallows when we could afford them. The best bonfires were the ones we were allowed to have at night if there was no wind. Sitting around a fire in the dark, wrapped in a quilt and listening to my brothers tell ghost stories are wonderful memories.

Living within the city limits today prohibits me from having a bonfire, but oh, sometimes I wish I still lived way out in the country so I could once again smell burning leaves.

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