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Sep 20th

What the Lord prepared

Jonah in flight from the presence of the Lord does the opposite of what the Lord told him. There was a storm "sent" from the Lord to cause him to repent. There are four prepared things that were sent to Jonah. They were sent to teach him various lessons. These "sent" or prepared things were:

1. A Great Fish 2. A Gourd 3. A Worm 5. A Vehement East Wind Jonah is in the bottom of the boat and fast asleep. The Mariners were scared for their lives. They tried everything they could to lighten the ship. They even threw their cargo out. The Shipmaster (Captain) came to him and woke him up and asked him, "How can you sleep and we're in a storm?" (Paraphrased) Call on your God! Jonah let them know that he was the cause of this terrible storm.

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