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Oct 01st

Harvest Moon means Harvest Time

criderIn September or October the full moon "closest to autumnal equinox" is referred to as Harvest Moon. (And the next full moon is referred to as the Hunter's Moon). The Harvest Moon was first referenced in 1706. Many tales and stories have been told centering on this time of the year - when the full moon is most beautiful. This is the time when the moon is completely illuminated as seen from the earth. It occurs when the moon is in direct opposition with the sun - on opposite side of the earth from the sun. This is a signal that "it's time to harvest the fields".

All four Gospels speak of the harvest, that it is nearer than we think. Jesus said (Matt.9:37-40) the 'harvest is truly great/ready...but the laborers are few". He then tells his disciples to "ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest fields".

For those who will lift up their eyes and scope the harvest around (the unchurched masses all around), we truly see the implications of Jesus' teachings.

In olden days, many of us surveyed the vast fields of cotton 'glowing in the dark' each morning as we made our way through the cold dew to spend a day "harvesting white gold". To stand in the middle of a 50-acre field of cotton that is ready to be picked gives one a realistic picture of Jesus' interpretation of a ready harvest. Most farming families had their own built-in labor force (6-10 children). But from time to time the harvest was just too great for such a few to handle - more workers were needed.

Isn't that what Jesus is saying? "The job is too great for just a few to labor alone. Gather us more workers, but don't miss any of the harvest." But it takes a lot of work, on the part of everyone!
Remember the old hymn of yesteryear: We'll Work till Jesus Comes? How can we not be 'about our Father's buiness' when there is so much to do? Yes, it's harvest time. We can hear the imperative in Jesus' voice and message..."time is running out; now is the time for salvation; We need everyone in the fields". Today! Working!

The harvest moon allowed farmers to 'work a little longer' during its' ascent and descent - about a week of extra time. Maybe we need to take advantage of this 'lagnaippe' time allowed us now to get in the ripened fields. Shine on, shine on - Harvest Moon, so we can complete the work of the Master!






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