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Oct 01st

Ronnie Broughton wants Rep seat

Ronnie_HeadshotRonnie Broughton is announcing his candidacy for state House of Representatives, District 10 to fill the vacant seat left by term-limited Rep. Jean Doerge.

"I am running for state representative because I believe we pay a lot in taxes to the government for it to be broke all the time," Broughton said. "For too many years, there has been widespread mismanagement that has shortchanged taxpayers and it has jeopardized our future."

Broughton said he feels that is an unacceptable practice.

"I will work on your behalf to see to it that we fix the problems and implement a plan looks out for taxpayers and invests in our children," he said.

"For 41 years, I have had the honor to walk this world with Glenda Sherrill Broughton by my side," he continued. "She is my best friend, most trusted advisor and has inspired me to keep pushing forward, serving the public, doing the right thing – even though it may be hard – and think about how we can prepare future generations for the world they will inherit from us."

They have raised three children: Jennifer, Jason and Brett, and have been blessed with eight grandchildren, Presley, Sarah Grace, Kenley, Lindsey, Ethan, Amanda, Carly and Brett Jr. along with their first great-grandchild, Ava.

"As an authentic conservative Republican, I believe that reforming state government can lead to better schools, more jobs, a stronger parish, protection of our traditional values and less government," Broughton said. "We have to show the will to make fundamental changes in the way we finance government."

Broughton said he feels the current system is not meeting the needs of the people.

"If elected officials would focus more on results and returning power to the people, then we could make sure our priorities are being met," he said.

After serving in the U.S. Army and Louisiana National Guard, where Broughton said he learned valuable lessons about work ethic, teamwork and leadership, he went to work for an electric product manufacturer who serviced major industries across Louisiana. For 33 years, he said he had the privilege of meeting business people from all walks of life.

"As a small business man, I understand the needs of small business like certainty in the market, less burdensome regulations, consumer confidence, investment capital and skilled workers," Broughton said. "As your next state representative, I will work to make sure we are investing in our people for better jobs, better schools, better roads, better health care and better government."

Broughton is pro-life and a supporter of the second Amendment as well as a member of NRA.

"I will vote to protect traditional marriage," he said. "In addition, I will fight to block the Obama administration from forcing us to live under federal mandates that usurp Louisiana's sovereignty. The federal government has become too overreaching in the last two years."

As a member of the Webster Parish School Board, Broughton is proud of his record of saving taxpayers' money and standing up for local control of schools.

"We are on the path to improving our education system, classroom by classroom, and closing the chapter on federal intervention in our classrooms," he said. "Webster is moving in the right direction, and I will do my best to make sure we stay on course."






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