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Sep 21st

Dove hunt features spinning wings and rattlesnakes

There are people who cross your path from time to time who leave lasting impressions. Some of these folks you'd as soon never crossed your path; you know the kind. Others, though, stand out for different reasons; your encounter with them smacks of good stuff.

Walter Russell is one of those in the "good guy" corner. Russell is owner of a ranch way down yonder in Menard Texas and for the past four years, I have dodged cactus and rattlesnakes while piling up mesquite logs and branches to fashion a turkey blind on his ranch. I have been fortunate to join half a dozen friends for our annual ten-hour trek to Menard to match wits with Rio Grande gobblers that make the Russell Ranch their home.

A few weeks ago, Jodie Williams, who met Russell several years ago and arranged for our springtime turkey hunts on the ranch, got a call from Russell.

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