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Sep 30th

Nancy’s Kitchen:Emma’s Easy Garlic Dill Pickles

When Mac and I lived in Bridge City, Texas, we had neighbor friends named Earl and Emma Cooper. Many times we would join together for a meal at their or our home.

Sometimes we would just sit on one or the other 's patios visiting. Earl and Mac had an ongoing good natured competition on who had the best manicured yard. One of our favorite things to do as couples was get together for a domino game of "42."

Earl had a workshop built in his backyard. The Cooper's daughter, also named Nancy, gave Earl a sign to hang over his workshop that read "Earl's Doghouse."

Not long afterwards, Mac had a gazebo built in our backyard because it was something I had always wanted. Not to be out done by Earl's workshop, I had a sign made for my gazebo which read "Nancy's Cat House."

One morning Mac and I were getting ready to go to church and we looked out the window. "Someone" had hung a large note on the gazebo which read "Nancy's Cat House, Parking on the North."
Who could that have been? (The Coopers lived to the south of our house.)

Eventually, the Coopers moved to Orange, just a few miles from Bridge City. Shortly after they moved, Emma passed away following heart surgery.

Emma was a wonderful, "down to earth" country cook. She would often make these pickles for me because she knew how much I liked them.

They are a crunchy, savory condiment that complements any meal. Eventually Emma gave me the EASY KEEPER recipe and I am sharing it with you this week in her honor.

I miss the Coopers. They were great neighbors and I cherish our memories.

Emma's Easy Garlic Dill Pickles

(In memory of Emma Cooper)

1 quart dill pickles, drained

2 cups sugar

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/4 of small bottle Tabasco Hot Sauce

Remove drained pickles from jar; slice each pickle 1/4 inch thick and return to jar. Add sugar, garlic and Tabasco to drained pickles.

Turn jar of pickles upside down and refrigerate. Rotate jar of pickles daily for seven days until sugar is dissolved.

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