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Sep 19th

Syrian Policy?

PAT MUG077After President Barak Obama's "policy" speech on Syria this Tuesday past, we're now engaged in the old "if we can't threaten them into submission, maybe we can outwait them" game.

After weeks of pointing to the "line in the sand" and rattling every saber in America's arsenal, it looks like El Presidente might be able to turn a possible public embarrassment into a policy advantage. Yesterday's policy: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gassed civilians; U.S. military strikes are eminent. Today's standard: If al-Assad gives up his chemical weapons, we will rub out the line in the sand.

It's very simple, really. Our intelligence says the Syrian army used chemical weapons. Obama says we're going to bomb Syrian military installations and munitions stores. Plans are drafted for a quick strike. These plans (complete with targets and routes) are revealed to the world, making one wonder what ever happened to the tried-and-true military tactic of surprise.

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