Minden Press-Herald

Oct 02nd

Fleming on Obamacare

flemingThe October 1 deadline for the enaction of President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act is just a few weeks away.

Congressman John Fleming, R-Minden, says he is concerned with the number of times the deadline has been pushed back, but that isn't the only thing bothering him.

"Independent private contractors with specific and limited job descriptions may well complete their tasks on time, but the Obamacare system will still have tremendous gaps that won't be fixed for years ... if ever," Fleming said Tuesday.

Deadlines for security tests on the Obamacare Data Hub have been missed and pushed back, prompting concerns about the security of data in the system, he pointed out.

"The Obama administration has already admitted the systems won't be in place to verify the income of those who apply for Obamacare subsidies, leaving the door wide open for fraud and abuse," said the District Four Congressman. "Obamacare is not ready for prime time, and the best thing Congress can do for the American people is to repeal it, or at least defund it or delay it to stop it from doing further harm to the U.S. economy."






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