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Oct 02nd

Want to Join Our Team?

I recently had a discussion with a good friend about the lack of great salespeople in the marketplace these days. I lamented about the lack of applicants I would always receive when advertising a sales job for my company.

He asked, "Why would they want to work for you? And did you tell them that?"

It is funny how we often advertise the requirements for a job (i.e. experience, education, hours, etc.) but we often fail to sell ourselves (other than the "GREAT OPPORTUNITY" headlines) to potential hires or referrals.

So, here goes...

Why would you want to work here?

1) You wouldn't work for me. Our company places a high value on teamwork. Dave Ramsey said, "Employees arrive late, leave early and steal while they are there." We don't have employees here. We have team members. We work together, helping each other to reach the goal.

2) We do work that matters. Some people go to work everyday, only to go home and wonder if what they do means a hill of beans. At our company, we are here to serve. That means we only do things that will help improve our community, our economy, or our world. BIZ's main purpose to is educate and inspire the business community to greater things. Advertising in BIZ is geared to connect these businesses one with another for mutual growth.

3) We don't take ourselves too seriously. The Bible says laughter is like a medicine. We like to laugh a lot here. Work only becomes work when you don't enjoy it. We try to enjoy every aspect of what we do. Nothing is more enjoyable than doing what you love with people you love. Some people call it "office culture."

4) High salaries don't scare us. "The workman is worth his wages." If we truly find team members who "get it," then we want to compensate them accordingly. No one wants work at a place they love, but can't pay the rent, or mortgage, etc. If the person is truly a team-minded individual and wants to do work that matters, they will make sure they are contributing at a level that warrants their salary.

5) We are alive and kicking. Some people think the "end is near" for printed publications. Obviously these people have never walked through a Barnes and Noble. Print will be here for a long, long time. However, we are always looking for ways to connect with and serve our market. It really is the best of times to be in the "pertinent information" business.

If this sounds like the type of place, and team you or someone you know would like to join, feel free to contact me. At best, we can do work that matters together. If not, at least we can say we have a new "friend" in the business.

David Specht Jr. is President of Specht Newspapers, Inc. and Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. View his blog at www.DavidASpecht.com.






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