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Oct 01st

Kairos Prison Ministry holds cookie drive

The Kairos Prison Ministry is having their annual cookie drive and is asking the community to help with their efforts to bake 100 dozen cookies.

"Cookies are a very important part of a Kairos prison ministry weekend," said Ronnie Veitch. "Our Wade Correctional Center team will be taking in more than 2,000 dozen homemade cookies.

"Their impact is tremendous as participants realize that someone who doesn't know them would use their time to make something special just for them," he continued. "We want to extend thanks and appreciation for everyone who participates with the cookie drive."

The ministry asks bakers follow guidelines when making cookies.

1. Cookies must not require refrigeration.

2. No liquor or liquor flavoring may be used.

3. Any kind of topping is okay with these exceptions
a) No frosting or any other topping that might spoil when kept for several days at room temperature
b) No powdered or granulated sugar.

4. Cookies should be about 2 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch thick. It is important that the cookies are sturdy enough to be handled without breaking. We will not take any broken cookies into the prison.

5. Cookies must not contain any fruit of any kind. This includes raisins.

6. Cookies should be placed in a one quart zip-lock plastic bag. One dozen per bag. Do not use any twist-tie closures. Squeeze all the air out of the bag before it is sealed. This helps the cookies stay fresh and conserves space.

7. Cookies must be allowed to completely cool to room temperature. If cookies are too warm when put into the bags, condensation will develop inside the bag. This will cause the cookies to spoil and the cookies WILL melt together. Spoiled or melted cookies will not be taken into prison.

8. Please write the kind of cookie on the bag. Do not write anything that will identify the cookie baker such as name, address, etc.
Cookies are due September 16. To have cookies picked up or for more information, call 377-6646 or 458-6460.






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