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Oct 01st

Remember Our Unity

beaversjoshThe eighth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina was this week.

In my August 23rd column, I wrote the storm "came ashore on the Gulf Coast and changed our lives forever. It was the greatest single disaster in this nation's history. The devastation wrought by Katrina will be remembered as the event that reminded us that all of our power, all of our might is inconsequential next to the awesome power of nature."

A week after writing those words, I'm thinking of another approaching anniversary. This anniversary reminds us that while we will always pale against the power of Mother Nature, we are indeed capable of great things. Great kindness, great compassion and, unfortunately, great evil.

On Wednesday, Sept. 11, America will pause to remember.

On this day, U.S. citizens, joined by others from around the world, will commemorate the near 3,000 lives that were lost as a result of the terror attacks in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania more than a decade ago.

On the 12th anniversary, it is important to realize that what took place on Sept. 11, 2001 has become perhaps the single most significant event in our nation's history.

The ramifications of what took place that gray morning are still being felt and will continue to be felt as our nation remains heavily entrenched in a war against terror.

In addition to the war, the American economy still sputters, never stalling, but never since roaring. Foiled terror plots around the globe remind us that our enemies remain, lurking, planning and waiting patiently to strike.

Despite the problems and dangers we still face, it is important to remember the unity we felt in the fearful days and weeks after the attacks.

For that brief period of time we seemed to forget our differences. We seemed to forget the color of our neighbor's skin or the petty problems we thought were so important before we all became victims of the terror.

We all came together to show our support for one another and remembered that we all shared one common similarity – we were Americans and our home was the greatest country on Earth.

Now as time has passed and normalcy has returned, many have gone back to the old ways. Back to the old arguments and petty differences.
But now, twelve years later, twelve years after we were more unified than at any other time, try to remember we all are neighbors and deserve to be treated kindly and with respect.

Join together on Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013, and remember those who were taken.

But also remember those who remain.

Josh Beavers is the publisher of the Minden Press-Herald.






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