Minden Press-Herald

Sep 19th

Beware of Dogs

crider"Beware of Dogs" is posted in many yards. May I encourage you to take note of the signs? Let me share an incident that happened to me while conducting an evangelistic campaign in Tulsa years ago. I was part of a team of leaders, each assigned to a church, working with the leadership to conduct a neighborhood survey. Based upon the information acertained from the survey, we would have a week of training, planning and implementing suggestions to improve their Sunday School structure. The format was simple: arrive on Saturday and speak at a leadership banquet in the evening. Sunday was busy: Observe the Sunday School (teachers/members arriving, greeting, starting on time, etc; Preach a message on the importance of the Great Commission; Meet with the leaders for a sandwich lunch, hand out survey assignments (teams of two), present a brief training session on "how to conduct the survey", then send them out for an hour or so.

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