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Oct 02nd

Work Together Rather than Hope for Failure

Dear Editor

In a red state like Kentucky, polls are showing that Mitch McConnell is vulnerable. This is a sure sign that moderate Republicans are moving away from the most extreme members of their party to regain the compromising spirit like during the Dole and Clinton years.

Those years, ideals were moved around on the table, and the best ones pushed the country forward. Unfortunately, today the extremists seem to be under the notion that only they know where the direction of the country should go. This type of attitude ignores the will of the majority votes among the Popular and Electoral College.

Americans who are tired of stagnation in our government and fed up with leaders that are only looking out for the interest of the wealthy while making the middle class and poor vulnerable can solve this dilemma in the midterm elections.

At this moment in our great nation Republicans and Democrats can join together to purge those that are standing in the way and log jamming Congress.

Real progress can be made in a mending economy if the legislative branch of the government worked with the executive branch rather than hope for its failure.

Alfred Waddell






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