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Oct 02nd

Lost Without Hope

Often we read of someone being lost in the wilderness - or a lost pet, child, etc. To be separated from family and familiar surroundings has to be frightening. Most of us have been lost (to different degrees). But to be lost without hope of being found must be an awful feeling. Yet, all around us there are folks who are -lost without hope.

Several weeks ago, a man gave a praise about finding his expensive hearing aid after searching and backtracking to a store he had visited earlier. There it was - hanging on a cap he had tried on earlier. It was lost, but he found it - and he was rejoicing. I've had that same feeling when I found my cell phone or car keys. To me, they were lost without hope of finding them, but somehow I did find them. Rejoice? You bet!

The Scripture teaches that one without Christ in their life is lost without hope. They have marched into darkness and gone farther and farther away from being rescued. But Jesus came for the purpose of rescuing those of us "lost without hope". He said, "I am come (into the world) to seek and save that which is lost". Jesus was doing the will of His Father. It is God's desire that no one be lost or separated from His Divine Love.

Luke 15 contains three parables about "being lost". 1) Lost sheep: 99 were safe in the fold; but one was lost. The Good Shepherd leaves those who are safe and goes forth to find the lost sheep and rescues it. The angels rejoice in heaven over the rescuing of the lost sheep. 2) The poor widow had 10 pieces of silver but lost one of them. After diligently searching for a long time, she finds it. She calls her family and friends to come and celebrate.There is much rejoicing over finding the lost coin. 3) The young son demands an early inheritance from his father then separates himself to a distant country. He squandered all his funds, becoming a starving, homeless lad. He found a job feeding the swine, until one day, he came to his senses. He felt lost and his life was hopeless like it was. But he decided to return to his family and work as a servant/slave for his father. But his father saw him coming over the horizon and ran out to meet him. (Oh, how he had missed the lad).

"Hugs and kisses and tears".

"Father, I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me a hired hand and I shall be happy." But the father responded: "Quick, bring my best robe and put it on him; place a gold ring upon his finger and sandals on his feet. Kill the fatted calf and let's have a feast and celebrate. For this son of mine was dead and is now alive (He was lost but is now found). (Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound....) We have to celebrate for this one was dead and is now alive!"

These parables point out this truth: Man without God is lost and doomed to an eternal hell. Man needs to be rescued from his sin. Only God can do that, through Jesus' redemptive blood. We must turn from our sin, confess to God our faith and trust in Jesus to be our Savior (Redeemer, Mediator, Lord and Master). When we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive us and assures us eternal life. We become new creatures, filled with Holy Spirit that brings hope of the return of Christ. We are no longer lost without hope, but saved by the power of God through Jesus' atoning death on the Cross.

If you feel you are "lost in the hustle of today's grind without hope", maybe you need to stop, make a turn and begin walking with the Lord. Are you 'the lost sheep"; maybe you are like the lost coin - hidden away from any useful purpose; or maybe you are like the young son who wandered off in sin and shame. "Come home! Turn from the darkness and walk into the Light that only Jesus can provide. Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling...come home".






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