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Sep 19th

Are channel cats now southern ‘mascots’?

(I wrote a version of this story six years ago but in view of the growing popularity of channel catfish around our area, here's an updated version of the article.)

I've done a bit of snooping around the LHSAA records and quite frankly, I'm a tad disappointed. Louisiana athletic teams have picked a wide array of mascots to represent their teams, but there is one that is sorely missing.
There are dozens of Tigers; an equal number of Bulldogs; bunches of Lions, Bears, Gators, Cougars, and Wildcats. Nowhere, however, can I find a team represented by one of the most prolific, tenacious fighting creatures that lives in Louisiana. I'm obviously speaking of Channel Cats. The mascot for the team in my town is Bearcat. Why not the Ruston High Channel Cats instead of Bearcats? What the heck is a Bearcat anyhow?

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