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Oct 01st

Renovating a Used Heart

criderWe all have noticed renovation projects around town. Houses getting face-lifts, new features, paint jobs or "the works". It sounds exciting, until you get "knee-deep" in one of these projects - that's when you begin to think 'was this what I really wanted to happen?' Too late now! No looking back, just focus on the 'finished product'.

More and more we hear of folks having 'heart repair' in order to enjoy a better level of life. About seven years ago, I had to 'pause and have a pacemaker inserted'. Instead of slowing me down, I think it increased my pace by 50%. It seems that way some times. But some repair work was needed. I am so thankful the doctor knew the right tools to use and just how to 'tinker with it my heart'.

Churches all around are hosting summer revivals. They sense a need for hearts to be renovated, repaired or renewed or "tinkered with". We all need to stop, take stock of our heart's condition. We don't always need a specialist or medical team to determine if there is a need. We simply need to conduct some introspection, spend time with the Holy Spirit, and let His light shine on our heart.

Youth and children go to church camp each summer. These special times to "get away" for a few days with friends and peers are helpful and healthy. Having directed times of worship, prayer, Bible study and meditation help each of us come face-to-face with God and ourselves. When His Light shines upon our sinful hearts, we know change is needed.

Soon! His great desire is to mend our broken, hurting hearts. Take it apart, clean it up, and then put it back together - better than before. Like renovating a house! It's the same frame and foundation, but the area inside is all different - changed!

Jesus' promise in John 14 is this: "Let not your heart be troubled, believe in me as you have believed the Father". A heart cath is necessary sometimes to 'find out just what is going on in the heart'. A tiny camera travels to the heart (via veins/arteries) and reveals problems causing heart pain dangers. In the same way, under God's X-ray vision, He reveals problems that only the Great Physician can mend. There may be pride, envy, jealousy, anger, greed, lust, and other such dangers floating around attacking the heart.

Paul has suggestions for us to use to evade, get rid of or conquer these fiery darts of Satan. Read 1 Corinthians (The Love Chapter) and Galatians 5 (Living in the Spirit). Consider a heart filled with joy, hope, peace, patience and kindness, long-suffering, goodness, gentleness, self-control and faithfulness. With love there is no envy or evil thoughts; neither is it self-seeking. It is obvious what a dose of God's love can do for a hurting, sinful or broken heart.

How about making an appointment soon with The Heart Doctor. His schedule is always open...24/7. Only He can make your heart appear "whiter than snow" and reward you with a new life, squeaky-clean, even if you think it may be too late. No, in His mind, one is never too old for a 'heart transplant or renovation'. Go ahead and plan for a summer renovation. Commit this project to God, the Master Designer, and He will do a first-class job that you will never regret!

Again this year, First Baptist Church is offering (through the Senior Adult Ministry) a spiritual renewal July 28-31. Guest preachers, speakers and musicians are coming to lead in this 'renovation project' Bring your broken hearts and spirits. Experience a renovation. Everyone is invited!






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