Minden Press-Herald

Sep 21st

Another Long Hot Summer

We can't deny that Summer has arrived in Dixie-Land. Signs are everywhere. But we are never satisfied. For when it's winter, we wish for summer; when summer rears his head, we wish for beautiful fall, etc. Man is never content it seems. Right now, winter does sounds great! 
When we were young, we wished time away; now that we are older, we long to pull back the days and extend our years 'just a bit more'. As loved ones and friends make their exit (death), we take notice at least for a while and ponder changes we need to make before the end. Lately, it seems we have been challenged so often. Like Russian roulette, it's a riddle of "who is next"? We humans are hard to please. God must shake His head often listening to us complain and whine! Summer is a good time to 'shape up' in more ways than one.
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