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Sep 18th

Putting Together Life's Puzzle

criderJigsaw puzzles have been popular for generations. History tells us Spilsbury, a London engraver and mapmaker put together the first "jigsaw puzzle" and a great new teaching-tool was birthed. He attached a map of the world to a piece of wood and then cut out each country. Teachers used this (and many other such puzzles) to teach geography. This led to many variations of puzzles as we know them today.

I often think of our lives as being like a jigsaw puzzle. Each person's life is make up of many different pieces. Only when we are perfectly fitted together (part by part) are we the complete person God meant for us to be. So often, we sell ourselves short of our potential. We develop the "I don't want to" or "I like it just the way it is" attitudes - and come up short of the standards God has set for us. But for those who carefully fit the pieces of their life's puzzle together, they can see even at a young age, the great possibilities that lie out ahead of them.

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