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Oct 01st

Things can go ‘boom’


Webster not facing fireworks ban for Fourth

Fireworks vendors in Webster Parish will experience business as usual between now and July 4. While surrounding parishes are participating in a fireworks ban, authorities say Webster Parish is not.

According to the police jury, reports of Webster participating in a ban of sales and use of fireworks are incorrect. Annual fireworks at Turner's Pond on July 4 will also be held, beginning around 8:45 p.m. They are sponsored by George Fithen and Ron Hathorn

Kip's Tips

As fire chief for the City of Minden, I would like to remind citizens how to safely and legally use fireworks during the 4th of July holiday with special precaution being given this year because of the drought situation.

Please treat all fireworks with respect, read all of the cautions and warnings and use common sense. If you see someone misusing fireworks, stop them. Show them the correct way to use consumer fireworks and do not ever use professional fireworks or illegal explosives. Only use fireworks as intended. Don't try to alter them or combine them. Do your part to keep everyone safe.

During this drought period, be especially cautious using skyrockets and missile type fireworks. Those are the two types of fireworks that have the greatest potential to cause fires. Because they are unguided, once they're lit, you can't control their flight. Be aware that the person lighting the fireworks can be held liable for damages caused to another person's property.

We want you to have a safe and happy 4th of July holiday by following these guidelines:

n Keep a water supply (a garden hose and a bucket) handy in case of fire.

n Be aware that extreme drought conditions have left grasses and weeds susceptible to fire.

n Keep in mind the hour of usage and be considerate of your neighbors.

n Never let children light fireworks.

n Use fireworks outdoors only and keep them away from combustibles and busy areas.

n Light only one at a time and move away from it.

n Purchase fireworks only from a licensed vendor.

n Follow all label directions carefully and use common sense.

n And please help keep Minden beautiful by cleaning up debris from fireworks.






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