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Sep 30th

Plugging Away,Doing Good

Could we not all agree that one of Paul's secrets to accomplishing so much was his ability and determination to  "plug away" in his service to the Lord? This zeal the Lord placed upon his heart to 'share the message of salvation to everyone he met' remained with him until the very end of life. Of course, his life was consumed by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. He would never be the same after meeting Christ on the road to Damacus. All believers can claim that experience too. We all have had a 'life-changing experience with the Lord'. But not all of us are diligently 'plugging away' to make Christ known in the world around us--as Paul did.
Warren Wiesbe is quoted as saying this: "The secret of success in ministry (or fulfilling God's purpose in life) is to 'preach, pray and plug away'. Preaching and praying are.often highlighted, but plugging away needs much affirmation too.
Let's not undervalue it though. It gives worth to each day: getting up and doing your duty to the fullest! It takes faithfulness, consistency and discipline. Just recently, we observed Nurse and Doctors'  Appreciation Weeks, Teacher Appreciation Week and Hospital Appreciation Week- a time to say 'thanks for these service-oriented servants and the good work they do..  These are professions filled with dedicated leaders who 'just keep plugging away' for the good for others. 
Paul's entire life (after conversion) was given over to sharing the good news to the Gentile world. He encourages two young pastors (Timothy and Titus) as he writes in his closing words, encouraging them to "Keep on plugging away, stand firm on the gospel truths, avoid the trouble makers and false teachers, be consistent in your teaching/preaching, and above all - seek God's leadership and acknowledge Him in all your ways". 
Pretty good advice for us today, wouldn't you say? Maybe we could (or should) pass this on to all our graduating seniors too. They need a nudge toward living a successful life in the midst of so much false 'advertisement' about 'the good life'. We all need to seek to move from Point I  (focus on me, I, mine and ours) toward Point O (Needs and hurts of others). To please God we must honor Him in all we say and do, we must serve others in His name.Some do this by preaching, others by teaching, and others just by 'plugging away."





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