Minden Press-Herald

Sep 20th

Visiting My Musical Past

Most of you know how I love to recall the olden days when life held more substance and less calories. By that I mean most things we did were more important and frivolous endeavors were few. Now, please don't take it that I believe everything we do today is unimportant, it just seems that today we spend a lot of time on some things that really don't amount to a hill o' beans!

For example, how many of us take time to visit our neighbors today? See. That's what I'm talkin' about. Most of us are too busy doing other things that we miss out on developing friendships with the people who live within fifty feet of us. Obviously, some of the reasons are worthwhile, but is watching "Dancing With The Stars" or "Survivor" more important than real people? Hey! I'm just as guilty as anyone else in being "too busy" to visit.

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