Minden Press-Herald

Oct 01st

Honoring Mothers Again

We all have special feelings about our mothers - most of them are good, I hope! When we ponder over early childhood days, we now see more clearly the sacrifice, tender love and care that came from our mother's heart. We probably never took into consideration the jillion (new word) things she was doing besides tending to our needs. Have you ever listed some of those special things she did for you and your family? Why not taking a minute and jot some day - and ponder them. We know she was not alone - just sitting in the rocker reading romantic novels.

Of course, Mama was never alone. At our house there were seven others demanding her time. Spaced out every 2-3 year, there were always a wide range of things to do. Dull moments? Never!

Picture this: Mama rocking the cradle with one foot, holding another youngster in her lap, singing a lullaby, watching the older ones playing nearby. Soon there would be garden work, stove wood to gather, drinking and wash water to pump, chickens to feed, supper to cook, etc. Afterwards, there was clean up to do, lessons to supervise and children to get ready for bed. And guess what? Tomorrow the circus is repeated! .

Today's mother handles similar challenges but with a more hectic schedule. Add to ballet and music lessons, soccer and t-ball, swimming and scouting - and soon we see the age-old pattern at work. And most mothers today work full-time outside of the home. Mothering is more than a full-time endeavor! It is more than a 24/7 responsibility! I tease my wife by twisting this ole addage we all know: A woman's work is from sun to sun, but a man's work is never done! (We all know the true meaning to this one).

Irma Bombeck was right: "mothers are God's 8th Wonder of the World". We should honor mothers (10 Commandments) not only on this special day but every day. Though they may be deceased, we still can pay tribute to them by remembering them to our children and their families.Make this a Blessed Mother's Day for our mothers and wives, mothers-in-law and other special ones.






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