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Oct 01st

SB 111 Spreads (lack of) wealth

Adley robertA Constitutional amendment that would provide for thresholds at which certain funds and allocations may be reduced or transferred during a fiscal year is being heard by the Senate Finance Committee.

Dist. 36 state Sen. Robert Adley, R-Benton, filed SB 111 to help with mid-year cuts.

"We only have $2 billion to work with in our budget, once it's all said and done," Adley said. "Then, when we get the mid-year cuts every year, that's where everybody's just getting killed."

Mid-year cuts affect higher education and health care, he pointed out.

"I have a Constitutional Amendment that says that if we're faced with mid-year cuts, after we've written the budget and everything's in place, then it's only right that everybody participate in those cuts," Adley said. "This (amendment) will allow that to happen."

Adley said that mid-year cuts to the budget have occurred every year since Bobby Jindal became governor.

"They mostly affect universities and hospitals because there's no place else for him (Jindal) to cut," Adley said.

SB 111 retains the present constitutional provisions and proposes "that, thereafter, any reductions necessary to eliminate a deficit in a fiscal year shall be done to require the same pro rata reduction to any constitutionally protected or mandated allocations or appropriations, and transfer of monies associated with such adjustments, as well as to any fund established by law, and transfer of monies associated with such reductions, as shall be done to the state general fund allocations or appropriations to eliminate the projected deficit."

SB 111 also extends an exception to the Transportation Trust Fund.






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