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Sep 23rd

Only One Life to Give

"I regret I only have but one life to give..." We all remember those famous words of Nathanel Hale (1776) as he was hanged by the British forces during the American Revolutionary War. Through the years many other heroes have willingly given their lives in defense of their country or faith. Based on his life, the Apostle Paul could very well have coined the original version of this statement. 
To study Paul's life, after the Damascus Road experience, we conclude that Paul may have had nine lives (like a cat) by the way he lived it for Christ. In prison, then out! Beaten and ran out of town, threatened and oft roughed up - Paul  willingly offered himself up to be sacrificed for our Lord. Reading between the lines, it seems Paul would wish to have many lives he could offer up to the Lord.  "O, for a 1,000 tongues to sing of my great Redeemer, Lord!"
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