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Oct 01st

Theater group to present production based on interview with Thorntons

The Thornton Sisters cast

Locally-celebrated and nationally-recognized sisters will be portrayed in a production created with local talent.

The Mahogany Ensemble Theatre, in cooperation with Cultural Crossroads, will present "Good Friday: A day with the Thornton Sisters" tonight (Thursday) at 7 p.m. and again on Friday and Saturday.

"This is an original play written by Jackie Lewis and based on the sisters' last interview together as documented by Dr. Susan Roach and Chris Broussard," said Angelique Fester, Mahogany Ensemble Theatre Director. "We are proud of this production and to be able to offer it to the Minden area."

The memories of Maggie Mae Thornton Renfro, age 114; Carrie Lee Thornton Miller, age 107; and Rosie Lee Thornton Warren, age 104 were first documented in an interview as part of 'The Great Depression Project.'

"Little did they suspect that this single interview and the stories they would share would provide the inspiration for paintings, books, documentaries and exhibits," Feaster said. "Now an original play based on their stories will celebrate their lives and the incredible legacy they left behind."
In the sister's combined 326 years of life, more than a century of time was witnessed.

"They saw the telephone become an afterthought," Feaster said. "They saw modern communications devices we now rely on in our daily lives, from radio to television to the Internet change the world.

"They saw the automobile move from a novelty to perhaps the most significant invention in terms of societal change," she continued. "They saw the airplane emerge and the dramatic move forward to space travel and a man on the moon. They witnessed our country shift from a rural society to an urban culture."

More than witnessing material changes in the world, Feaster said the Thornton sister were a part of societal changes.

"After suffering through the discrimination and injustice of "separate but equal" for some seven decades, they had the chance to see the Civil Rights movement," she said. "They witnessed our nation finally taking the steps to live up to the words of the Declaration of Independence – "all men are created equal."

Tickets to "Good Friday: A day with the Thornton Sisters" will be sold at the door at $10 for adult tickets and $6 for student tickets. Gates open at 6:30 p.m. and the play begins at 7 Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

The play will be performed indoors at The Farm, located on the corner of East Union and Talton Streets, across from Save-A-Lot. A reception, hosted by Cultural Crossroads, will follow each performance.






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