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Oct 02nd

Cowboys’ Jason Garrett should be back as head coach

IRVING (AP) – Jason Garrett's job isn't on the line Sunday night no matter how some continue to push the idea that he might not be back to coach the Cowboys in 2013.

Full disclosure: No one ever knows what Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will do, not even Jones himself. So, there's that.

However, Garrett almost certainly will be back next season after the way Dallas has played in the second half.

"I have no thoughts about making a coaching change," Jones said Sunday after the Cowboys lost to New Orleans. "I'm real pleased with how Jason is coaching and how our staff is. There's not a thought, there have been no conversations about anything differently than our keeping Jason."

Even with a Cowboys' second-half collapse, Garrett was likely to return. But with the Cowboys having recovered from a 3-5 first half to get in position to win the NFC East minimizes any chance that Jones would bring in another coach, no matter if the Saints' Sean Payton is available or not.

Plus, Garrett really showed great leadership and character in leading the Cowboys through the Jerry Brown tragedy. He said recently that he's uncomfortable with people saying that's been his defining moment as Cowboys coach because of the tragic nature of Brown's death, but it certainly is to this point.

On Sunday, the Cowboys lost in overtime to the Saints. Going into the game against New Orleans, Dallas had won five of its last six. That's not a team that needs a new head coach. Garrett has done enough to deserve another year.






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